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Outdoor Sport Channel® HD signs worldwide distribution agreement with Foxxum GmbH

NEWS / MARCH 08, 2017

Outdoor Sport Channel®, the leading international outdoor sports television company, today announced a comprehensive distribution partner deal with German based Foxxum GmbH. Foxxum designed and developed the Outdoor Sport Channel®HD Smart TV subscription App for all Foxxum connected smart tv devices. Foxxum brings Outdoor Sport Channel® services to many different devices, brands and operators all over the world by a single integration process (one App to rule them all).

“In order to successfully offer and launch our live brand further and to affiliate operators, we did team up with Foxxum for its excellent television App market experience and distribution penetration”, comments Henk van Meer, Founder & CEO of Outdoor Sport Channel®-Global wide, Outdoor Sport Channel®-News247® and Outdoor Sport Channel®-VOD (Video On demand). Exlusive, unique and fun

Outdoor Sport Channel® will be a true and unique live HD value like never experienced in these countries, as it covers all international major sports into one single television network. Outdoor Sport Channel® prides itself on being an exclusive, unique, fun and both a “family and animal friendly®” sports channel.

“It is great to keep growing with partners like Outdoor Sport Channel® that add value to the Foxxum App store and provides our viewers an alternative to watch a great variety of international 24 hour global sports television without time restrictions”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

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Toon Goggles 4K kids' content now available on Foxxum Smart TVs


Toon Goggles, one of the world’s leading providers of 4K on-demand video content for kids, is now available on all connected devices running the Foxxum Smart TV solution. The application offers a wide range of animated series for children of all ages, covering educational, adventure, fantasy, action and comedy cartoons like Badanamu, Bernard, Super Geek Heroes, Boing, Om Nom, Karl and SpacePop.

Toon Goggles has set the focus on a fun and enjoyable user experience with an easy, intuitive user interface, and a quick search and find function. Users can create his own log in account for free, add favorite videos to his watch list and navigate through his favorite cartoon characters. Moreover, the Foxxum app store's built-in recommendation and search features, which simplify content discovery within the Smart TV platform, allow the end-user to rapidly find Toon Goggles videos and be automatically redirected to the app.

“We are delighted to have our portfolio of kids' content offered to many more viewers around the globe by partnering with Foxxum’s Smart TV platform. We have worked hard hand-in-hand with Foxxum in order to accomplish the app certification process successfully and we are proud of the results. Having Toon Goggles more readily available to families worldwide is our consistent goal, and partnering with Foxxum was a great way to achieve this,” explains Stephen L. Hodge, C.E.O. of Toon Goggles Inc.

“The integration of Toon Goggles undoubtedly enriches our kids’ recommendation feature within the app store worldwide. Being dedicated to connecting attractive international content with a great user experience and powerful TV devices, we are very happy about adding Toon Goggles’ high quality 4K videos to our platform, for kids and parents to enjoy”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

Toon Goggles is the premier on-demand entertainment destination for children, offering a vast and diverse amount of animated and live-action programs, engaging games, radio and news. The kid-safe and parent-friendly service lets children be in charge of their viewing experience. Parents can feel safe knowing the platform is fully COPPA-compliant (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), with a strict screening process to ensure all material is clean, safe and age-appropriate. Toon Goggles is available on many smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and set-top boxes, as well as online at


The Weather Network on Foxxum Smart TV platform


Pelmorex Media, multimedia specialist for international weather content and technology, and Foxxum, global leader in Smart TV solutions, announce the launch of The Weather Network application on all Foxxum connected Smart TV devices. The app, containing many dedicated services, such as El, Wetter Plus, Météo Media, Clima and Meteo Mia, covers ten major regions in Europe and North America as well as six languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

By entering Foxxum’s Smart TV portal, users get access to very detailed on-demand weather information and 14 day forecasts right on the big screen and worldwide without geo-blocking limits.

“We are very happy about this partnership with Foxxum because it brings our Weather services to many different devices, brands and operators all over the world by a single integration process, perfectly fitting our own strategy of covering many regions and many languages”, explains Carlos Astorqui, Managing Director at

“Detailed weather information and forecasts is in fact some of the most appreciated content for users, since it affects their daily life. Making it available on the big screen is a logical step from the content, the platform, the device and the user perspective. We are very proud to now offer so many different high quality weather services in a simple and central user experience created by Pelmorex Media”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.


Welcome Ravi Kumar to the Foxxum Team

TEAM / FEBRUARY 01, 2017

Foxxum’s growth aspiration has always been closely related to targeting new markets and covering new regions with our cutting-edge Smart TV solutions. Southeast Asia and India have been one of our main focuses in the past months and the rapid economic growth of these territories in consumer demand and digital consumption have shaped our next step investing in the region from a local perspective.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Ravi Kumar has joined the Foxxum Team as EVP to lead our business development activities in SE Asia and India. Ravi Kumar has accumulated a rich portfolio of expertise and know-how over his 12 years of working experience in the digital ecosystem and Smart TV space, starting with the management of the Smart TV activities of Samsung in India, positioning the integration and distribution of HOOQ in the Asian market, and building the internet ecosystem of the Chinese manufacturer of Smartphones and Smart TV LeEco.

We are convinced that he will add another layer of success to our quality efforts by directly supporting our local customers from our office in Delhi, as well as supporting the device and content aggregation process of the major players from the region.

We are glad to have the opportunity to work together and we wish him good luck in this exciting and eventful journey!

If you would like to welcome Ravi Kumar personally, make a business proposal or if you are just interested in learning more about the company and our possibilities of working together for the SE Asia and Indian region, please reach out to him at


Hebrew, Arabic and South Korean Smart TV Portals


New features to cover broader perspectives

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”Nelson Mandela

Since Foxxum aims at reaching the hearts of every viewer in the world, we are very proud to announce the availability of three new UI languages within our Smart TV Portal: Hebrew, Arabic and South Korean.

This again emphasizes our company philosophy in terms of thinking globally and acting locally, offering international as well as regional access to content addressed for specific regions.


Meet us at CES 2017


New year, new plans
Las Vegas celebrates 50 years of success with the long-awaited consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow: CES 2017.

Let’s make out of 2017 a promising year together in the Smart TV world!

Come and meet us at CES, Las Vegas.

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PlayKids partners with Foxxum to launch global benchmark on Smart TV Applications


The world’s largest Kids Platform will now be available on the big screen
PlayKids, the leading mobile entertainment and education platform for children, has partnered with Foxxum to launch its Smart TV and Game Console applications worldwide. With a cheerful and beautifully designed interface, the PlayKids TV App will now bring its extensive content to the long-awaited big screen.

Searching for a strategic partner to meet the strong demand from its users for making the App available on Smart TVs and other Connected Devices, PlayKids found on Foxxum’s expertise in developing and distributing online video content the best suited company to create a new milestone on the global Smart TV business.

The video-meets-education app for young kids has reached impressive numbers since it was launched 3 years ago. Available on IOS and Android devices, PlayKids is already used in more than 100 countries, and offers more than 80 TV shows and 5,000 videos. The user base of over 6 million users generates an impressive average of 75 million sessions per month.

The project aims not only to meet its current customers’ desires, but also to attract new users by offering access to the brand’s impressive content via a best-suited platform. “Launching PlayKids on Smart TVs is a strategic step for us and we are confident that this project will help us build customer loyalty and increase our customer base”, said Eduardo Henrique, Co-Founder & Head of Global Expansion at PlayKids.

The PlayKids TV Apps will include all of its video content and will be launched on all major Smart TVs by December 2016, followed by the Roku, Sony Playstation and Microsoft X-Box platforms in 2017. As stated by Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO: “PlayKids is a key player in the Online Video Market worldwide and Foxxum is glad to be selected as the partner to launch this benchmark project”.

About PlayKids
Developed by Movile, the PlayKids platform was created to strengthen the bond between parents and their children through fun and educational digital content. There are thousands of books, games, interactive activities, lullabies and shows that contribute to the development of children from toddlers to preteens.

There are four children’s apps in the PlayKids family, which are global leaders in their own categories: As mentioned above these apps include PlayKids, with videos and games; Stories, a virtual library with more than a thousand books from Disney, among others; Learn, that makes every unique moment of learning fun and engaging; Party, that brings ten fantastic games aimed for kids from 2 years old. With a single subscription to PlayKids Premium service, all of these apps are unlocked and ready to use.

PlayKids products are available in more than 100 countries, available in 5 different languages, and have been downloaded by more than 17 million families.

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Hisense and Foxxum extend strategic partnership to 15 more countries


Working together closely since 2012 on an exclusive basis for Western Europe, high-tech specialist Hisense and Foxxum, global leader in Smart TV solutions, have built up a successful Smart TV platform for the Hisense brand in this entire area. In order for Hisense, one of the strongest growing brands, to take advantage of this highly sophisticated platform outside of Western Europe the contract between the two companies has now been expanded to a worldwide scope.

It includes Hisense branded products as well as White Label Products manufactured by Hisense. The contract will continue at least until 2019 with ongoing renewal options and now covers 15 more countries: Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine.

At the same time Foxxum has managed to further improve content discovery for the users, by integrating an even easier structure, new categories, additional content sources and a highly sophisticated search.

“Thanks to our partnership with Foxxum we have set a benchmark for Smart TV platforms in Western Europe. And we are very happy about signing Foxxum as our Smart TV service provider of choice for another long term period and to bring our Smart TV platform offer to all our customers worldwide”, explains Dr. Charlie Wang, CTO at Hisense.

“We are proud of playing such an important part within the Hisense Smart TV success story leaving our footprint with users all over Western Europe. By supporting the expansion of the Hisense Smart TV platform solution worldwide we are ready to accompany Hisense on their way to continuously gain market share”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

About Hisense
The high-tech enterprise Hisense was founded in China in 1969 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flat panel TVs, household appliances and mobile communication devices. Hisense entered the European market successfully a few years ago with its wide range of LCDs/LEDs, refrigerators, airconditioners and recently also with Smart TVs and smartphones. Both Hisense Germany and Hisense Europe are located in Düsseldorf, as well as the European Research and Development Centre. More European branches are in Spain, Italy, the UK and Belgium.

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Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. chooses Foxxum Smart TV solution for all of its brands


Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş., third largest electronics manufacturer and third biggest exporter in Turkey, today announced, that it has chosen Foxxum as their exclusive Smart TV solution provider for all of today‘s and future Atmaca brands worldwide.

The agreement includes its most popular brand Sunny as well as all international OEM projects and devices. Through this cooperation and by taking advantage of Atmaca‘s export activities into more than 40 countries, Foxxum is adding even more distribution power to its platform while creating a solid, yet innovative foundation to increase Atmaca‘s Smart TV and STB market shares.

“We are delighted to announce our cooperation with Foxxum, a strong and trustful partner with global scale“, explains Adem Atmaca, CEO and President of the Board at Atmaca. “Choosing Foxxum as our exclusive partner, underlines our strategy to only work with the best, with experienced players who are able to adapt vastly to our ideas and who can contribute to our future success. Together we will create a strong momentum within the Smart TV and STB market – not only in Turkey, but worldwide.”

“Our partnership with Atmaca is an important step to defend our leading position as provider for international Smart TV solutions. Highly sophisticated products, innovative user experience and attractive content has always been the key to our successful growth. Therefore we are very happy to create a strong and long lasting partnership with Atmaca, a company that stands for excellent quality”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

About Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş.
Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş., founded in 1979, today is Turkey‘s third largest electronics manufacturer and third biggest exporter with more than 35 years of manufacturing and marketing experience, belief in social responsibility and ethical values. Products range from electronics and small electric household appliances, industry like television and satellite receivers to vacuum cleaner, heater, tea-maker and kettle. Hi-tech manufacturing plants operate in Istanbul at 110.000 square meter indoors area. The R&D department in the body of Atmaca Elektronik A.Ş. constantly produces and develops new projects to satisfy customer expectations. The company is also constantly investing into Quality Management, Ecology and Environmental as well as Safety and Health Management Systems in order to harmonize with all legal requirements.

More information can be found at

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New trade fairs, new opportunities


FOXXUM is going there where business takes place and partnerships are born. Next stops are China and France! We will be in Canton Fair, the largest biannual trade fair held in Guangzhou and it goes on with MIPCOM in Cannes, the world’s entertainment content market. We would like to meet you in person and explore new collaboration opportunities. Join us and lead with us the Smart TV industry with the biggest players.


Foxxum and Cultraview sign Smart TV pre-integration deal to reduce integration efforts and time to market

EVENTS / AUGUST 25, 2016

Chinese Cultraview, world’s leading TV mainboard manufacturer, and Foxxum, global leader in Smart TV solutions headquartered in Germany, have signed a Smart TV pre-integration deal, which adds Foxxum technology and content portfolio to Cultraview mainboards. That way Foxxum will instantly become available on a huge part of the TV production worldwide to enable content providers to monetize their Smart TV investments on an additional range of brands and products.

If you are a content provider looking for different ways to expand to new territories, a Smart TV or STB manufacturer who would like to enrich your content portfolio, or if you have any plans to enter the Smart TV world but still need to explore new possibilities, this is your chance.

Furthermore, aiming at the customers of Cultraview, pre-integration of the Foxxum Smart TV solution offers them to upgrade their devices to state-of-the-art Smart TV products and to compete with leading TV brands at peer level. Additionally, this collaboration will allow Cultraview customers to reduce time to market and development cost significantly.

“Moving forward and steadily adding value to our solutions has always been one of our principles”, says Yan Xiaodong, Marketing director at Cultraview. “With the pre-integrated Foxxum Smart TV solution we are exactly doing that and are now able to offer the leading turnkey solution to our worldwide customer base with an amazing international content portfolio and the strongest local content portfolio in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia”.

“Pre-integration is one of our main business strategies to reduce time and cost of new product development. We want to focus on product design to differentiate in local markets early in the development process. With Cultraview we cover a big share of the annual Smart TV production worldwide once again proving our leading role in Smart TV solutions”, explains Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

About Shenzhen Cultraview Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Cultraview Digital Technology, founded in 2005, today is one of the world's largest audio and video system integration solutions provider, leading innovation and design solutions for the global television market. Over the years, the company has focused on the development of the company's mainboard product, registering a number of technical patents, industry qualification certificates and licenses. Cultraview now has a staff of 1200 people, including more than 400 in Research and Development. About 80% of the world's television manufacturers, providers of network television products and solutions, highly recognized domestic and foreign counterparts, selling products in more than 100 countries and regions, and international giant chains form close strategic partnerships with Cultraview.

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Meet us at IFA, IBC and Dmexco

EVENTS / AUGUST 25, 2016

New insights into the Smart TV world
Learn more about Foxxum’s products and our new partners at IFA in Berlin, IBC in Amsterdam and Dmexco in Cologne. Check our Smart TV Store live at our customers’ exhibition booths.

If you are a content provider looking for different ways to expand to new territories, a Smart TV or STB manufacturer who would like to enrich your content portfolio, or if you have any plans to enter the Smart TV world but still need to explore new possibilities, this is your chance.

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Divan.TV expands its presence on Smart TV platforms globally

RELEASE / JULY 21, 2016

Innovative OTT-service «Divan.TV» is officially presented starting from July 2016 on all connected devices maintained by Foxxum such as Sharp Smart TV, Haier Smart TV and Hisense Smart TV in Ukraine and other 200 countries all over the world.

From July 2016 thanks to the cooperation with Foxxum, owners of Sharp Smart TV, Haier Smart TV and Hisense Smart TV have a possibility to watch their favorite programs and movies with the help of «Divan.TV» interactive service.

Currently, in Ukraine there is an upward trend in the number of Smart TV devices. According to the forecasts of the consulting agency J’son & Partners Consulting, the figure of sold devices will exceed 44% and 57% in 2016 and in 2017 respectively. In Europe, the number of sold Smart TV devices has already surpassed the number of regular sold TV devices.

“We are pleased that respected brands such as Sharp, Haier and Hisense have added up to our existing partners Samsung, LG and Philips. Our service offers watchers worldwide a full range of the most popular Ukrainian and World’s TV channels. We grow, develop, and welcome the owners of Smart TV to grow with us“, commented Arcadiy Kanyuka, executive director of “Divan.TV” company.

“Foxxum has aimed to cooperate with Ukrainian partners that represent one of the fast developing markets in Eastern Europe. The application offers a huge variety of films and programs that will be of interest for Russian-speaking communities all over the world. Such kind of cooperation increases the attraction of our Smart TV platforms“, explains Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

DIVAN.TV is an international interactive service of OTT television targeted for ethnic groups from ex-Soviet Union now living worldwide. The service is available on all screens: Smart TV, tablets, media consoles and computers in 200 countries and only requires connection to the Internet. Broadcasting technology is also adapted for mobile 3G nets.

READ MORE App to start within Foxxum Smart TV solution

RELEASE / JULY 19, 2016

Premium VOD content for Russian users
Foxxum, worldwide leading provider of Smart TV solutions, and, with more than 20 percent market share and about 30 million users per month one of the largest Russian online movie theaters, today announced, that the app is now available within the Foxxum Smart TV solution. Both companies joined forces to grow their Smart TV business in all Russian- speaking countries, by attracting device partners to switch to Foxxum and increasing the reach for video content. offers movies, TV shows, cartoons and music videos licensed from all major content producers, including Hollywood Studios such as Warner Brothers, Warner Music, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, NBC Universal, Universal Music, Disney, BBC and National Geographic as well as Russian film companies like Mosfilm, Lenfilm, Paradise, CTC Media, Gorky Film Studio STV and Central Partnership.
The app itself has different functions that make it comfortable to use, such as kids protection, a watch-later-list and favorites. Users are even able to choose the rental period and the price for a movie depending on its quality.

"For us at customer satisfaction is very important. By making our users happy we were able to gain a strong momentum within the Russian streaming market and to develop our offers, app infrastructure and partner network", explains Irina Grandel, Head of Business Development Area, at "The cooperation with Foxxum now extends our technical reach tremendously and puts us into a position to grow even faster into the living rooms of viewers with a Foxxum Smart TV solution".
"Russia as one of the largest markets has always been in our focus. And all of our Smart TV device partners know, that one can only grow its market shares by offering access to high quality content. therefore is a key partner to this strategy in Russian speaking countries", explains Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

About is a leading Russian online video streaming service, which offers licensed video content, including more than 65,000 titles of movies, TV shows, cartoons and music videos. is the most popular service and the largest player in this segment in Russia, attracting more than 28 million unique visitors and generating more than 150 million hits per month. is available on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets as well as Smart TVs from all of the main manufacturers. also holds the most prestige awards for various achievements in the field, including the Runet Award and the Golden Site Award.

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Express Luck signs with Foxxum to exclusively deliver Smart TV solution

RELEASE / JULY 07, 2016

Chinese TV manufacturer to enter European Smart TV business
Expressluck International, one of the largest TV manufacturers in China, has signed Foxxum to provide an exclusive Smart TV solution to its Romanian subsidiary Contex Digital Electronics SRL. Both companies are going to develop a new Smart TV product range to extend their recent impact within TV markets all across Europe. The Foxxum Smart TV solution will enhance Expressluck‘s own brands as well as future OEM devices with a rich set of features, a state-of-the-art user experience as well as a high quality local and global content portfolio.

“It has always been clear to us, that we as a company will only work with very experienced, flexible and innovative partners – particularly when entering new markets or segments. Foxxum has met all of our expectations from day one and pushed us even further to a point, where we will make a heavy impact on all European Smart TV markets. We are looking forward to many more supporting ideas and innovations from our new partner Foxxum”,
explains Jacky Dong, Europe TV Director at Expressluck.

“We are proud of Expressluck‘s decision to put us in charge of their Smart TV solution for the entire European market. Together we will create something great – for the users and the company – by combining exceptional hardware, the most advanced Smart TV solution, attractive content and customer oriented business models. Expressluck has an outstanding ambition in conquering the European market and we are going to support it by any means of our expertise“,
says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

About Expressluck International Company Limited
Expressluck International supported by its European subsidiary Contex Digital Electronics SRL, is one of the foremost professional manufacturers of LED TVs in China and Romania. Through dedicated and effective research and development, as well as its’ belief in continuous improvement, Expressluck continues its quest for leadership in the flat panel TV marketplace. Expressluck manufactured products have a proven sales record in East Asia, Europe and North America and have established a stable sales network and maintained sound cooperative relationships with many of the world’s largest retailers.

Click here to read the complete press release.


Foxxum and THTF Global sign 5 years Smart TV cooperation

RELEASE / JUNE 01, 2016

Proactive sales channel support and very short time to market
Foxxum, worldwide leading provider of Smart TV solutions, and THTF Global, a China based LCD TV manufacturer selling multiple brands globally, have signed an exclusive 5-year contract. THTF launched the Foxxum TV Store on its brand Orion in Europe and will add more brands and territories soon.

To support Orion's sales channel relations and activities, Foxxum has developed new features to allow the sales channel to integrate its Smart TV app and to promote their products on the main page of the Foxxum TV Store to end users. As a result Orion has been able to create increased sales with its sales channel partner QVC in the first step and all other business partners soon as well.

Orion is now providing a state-of-the-art content centric Smart TV offer which includes specialized regional content, catch-up TV, online shopping and a state-of-the-art search and recommendation service to its customers.

"We are thrilled to use a Foxxum Smart TV solution for our TVs now. Great content combined with impressive skills to support our sales activities and their reliable on-time delivery to meet our customers deadlines convinced us to engage with the worldwide market leader", explains Bruno Seibert, President at Tongfang Global Germany.

"THTF Global's appreciation of Foxxum's technology to promote their sales makes us proud and represents another major step to further establish our leading position to provide a superior Smart TV user experience", explains Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

Click here to read the complete press release.


Meet us at ANGA COM

EVENTS / MAY 24, 2016

Two weeks left to get prepared for the next event: ANGA, the exhibition and conference where broadband meets content takes place in Cologne and Foxxum will be there to meet you. We would like to get into conversation with new partners, exchange ideas, discover and discuss new collaboration possibilities, and present our newest clients and products.

Let's expand our business networks, share challenges and experiences!


Meet us at TV Connect

EVENTS / APRIL 15, 2016

The world´s leading conference for the connected entertainment industry is just around the corner and we could definitely not miss this great event. Foxxum will attend the TV Connect in London and would like to share with you our plans to build a successful partnership by bringing hardware platforms and attractive content together.

Driven by the motivation of providing state of the art Smart TV Solutions, Foxxum works closely with leading companies at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain to develop Smart TV products - from silicon vendors to device manufacturers and content providers. Building solid and close partnerships have proven to be key in order to grow and continuously provide innovative solutions. As an established pioneer in the Smart TV sector, we would like to invite you to be a part of our business network, benefit from and contribute to our outstanding content portfolio customized for international brands as well as for specific local partners.


Foxxum now provides Smart TV Solution to TCL

RELEASE / MARCH 30, 2016

For its fleet of highly innovative TV sets in the Australian and South American markets TCL Multimedia, one of the largest television manufacturers in the world, has signed an agreement with Foxxum, worldwide leading in the fields of Smart TV Solutions, to provide a state of the art Smart TV portal.

Both companies stated, that the cooperation marks an important step towards an even stronger growth of market shares in those parts of the world. With TCL providing its highly sophisticated, feature rich Smart TV products and Foxxum adding its Smart TV expertise as well as a dedicated Foxxum TV store, users will now benefit from even more integrated, well designed, easy to use and feature rich entertainment offers.

„As we are growing our TV business in all parts of the planet at high speed, we can only work with very trustful and strong partners. So we are very pleased, to have found such a company in Foxxum, supporting our ideas and strategy with tremendous amount of experience as well as the necessary flexibility for today‘s markets“, explains Jeff Huang Overseas TV+ Director at TCL Multimedia.

„We could not be happier about TCL‘s decision to work with us“, explains Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum. „Sharing our ideas about customer oriented business models and being able to fully adapt to the TCL Smart TV ecosystem while adding to it with high quality regional and local content offerings we will create something great for the users.“


Radioline and Foxxum launch a strategic partnership

RELEASE / MARCH 21, 2016

Radioline – the first European aggregation platform of radio stations and podcasts – and Foxxum, worldwide leading provider of Smart TV Solutions, today announce a strategic partnership to jointly work on further shaping a strong international Smart TV environment for radio stations and radio content.

As Smart TV is the number three device category after mobile and PC used for online radio listening in the US and in France, it has become a strategical element and distribution channel for the entire radio industry. Therefor Radioline has developed a full range of solutions for TV, including an HTML5 TV application that is now made available on all devices using the Foxxum portal. While Radioline adds even more international high quality content to the Foxxum bouquet, for their aggregated radio content providers the integration process is a one step expansion to a very large number of Smart TV devices worldwide, including international TV and set-top-box brands such as Hisense, Haier, Sharp, Orion, Medion, Metz, and many more.

"This partnership with Foxxum, one of the most demanding and reliable Smart TV Platform Solutions with strong positions within markets all over the globe strengthens Radioline’s footprint on connected TV" says Geoffroy Robin, CEO at Radioline.

"Radioline’s innovation, experience and vision of a strong Smart TV based radio distribution is a perfect match with our philosophy bringing relevant, high quality international content to Smart TV devices – in this case especially to those connected to the best audio solution within the household" says Ronny Lutzi, CEO of Foxxum.

The TV app is available in 6 languages (French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish) and offers the biggest European catalogue of 60,000 radio stations and podcasts from 130 countries, including great functionalities (favorites, access by topics, music genres, countries…).


DW content is now available on all Foxxum devices worldwide


Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster offering news, features and documentaries covering everything from business, science and politics to arts, culture and sports, is now available on all Foxxum partner brands and devices worldwide, such as Blaupunkt, Haier, Hisense, Medion, Sharp and Vantage. The according app has been developed by Foxxum, leading provider of Smart TV Solutions, itself and in close cooperation with DW. Depending on user‘s hardware, even live streaming will be available within the application.

The new app offers dynamic search and a very intuitive structure in order to get straight to the content desired, sorted in Latest, Programs, Lifestyle & Culture, Business, Politics & Society, Science & Health, Travel, Sports and Automotive. All content – live and on demand – will be available in German, English, Spanish and Arabic right from the start with more languages coming soon.

“Adding to our global satellite network, partner stations and online services, distributing our VOD and live TV content via Smart TV and OTT Solutions became an important part of our distribution strategy,” explains Petra Schneider, Director of Sales and Distribution at DW. “In one single step, Foxxum has proven to be a great addition to our partner network by opening doors to a wide range of devices and audiences in many different countries.”

“Bringing together hardware platforms and attractive, relevant content on an international scale - that‘s what Foxxum Smart TV Solutions are about. With Deutsche Welle we now have another unique partner who represents high quality content in the strongest and purest possible way“, so Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.


Meet us at CES 2016


Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about Foxxums current projects, products, new features and future plans. We will be at CES, the global consumer electronics and technology conference. Foxxum is permanently interested in new partnerships that contribute to our outstanding international content portfolio and innovative solutions.

Foxxum is a global leader in the development, operation and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV Solutions. As an established pioneer in the sector, Foxxum works closely with leading companies at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain to develop Smart TV Solutions - from silicon vendors to device manufacturers and network operators. Worldwide partnerships with premium broadcasters, the most important video producers and distributors allow Foxxum to provide a best in class content portfolio containing the most important global content brands as well as country specific local content providers.


SBT and Foxxum to set Smart TV Milestone on Brazilian market


SBT, the second largest and fastest growing TV network in Brazil, has partnered with Foxxum, worldwide leading provider of Smart TV Solutions, to launch a new Smart TV App reaching out to 9 million Smart TV households on the Brazilian market. With an intuitive and beautifully designed interface, the SBT TV App will add real value to the Smart TV experience of Brazilian users, bringing them a rich suite of entertaining and informative content.

„By adding the expertise of Foxxum in developing, distributing and monetizing content on Connected Devices to the quality and attractiveness of SBT’s content, we are certain that this will create a new milestone for our Smart TV business in the entire country“, says Fernando Pensado, Head of Digital & Interactivity at SBT.

SBT initially launches on SONY Smart TVs creating a new reference within the VOD business by offering what consumers are actually looking for: local content from big TV Networks, to be watched at any time.

With 18 channels to choose from, users will be able to catch up with all the TV shows they missed or want to watch again. And the SBT TV App offers not only full episodes, but also extracts of the most interesting parts of every show, always through a user friendly and easy to find navigation structure.

Free to the consumer and already available on SONY Smart TVs, the SBT App will soon be launched by Foxxum on all major TV brands and game consoles in the market.




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